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More From Jim

I’ve eaten a few banana splits recently and I haven’t eaten in over 5 years. |
I definitely feel healthier. I definitely feel better. |
Everybody is so diet crazy in America. A lot of people are surprised to find out I’m not on a diet. |
She definitely made me realize the importance of working out. |
There is not a price you can put on the benefits that you feel. |

More From Melissa

I was never a consistent exerciser. Now… I can tell if I skipped a couple of a days of working out … there’s a difference in my mindset. I definitely have Dr. Brehm to thank for that. |
I just started going to eat ice cream with my son… She helps you develop a positive relationship with food again. |
I’ve learned some … techniques to reduce stress and reduce cravings. |
I don’t shudder when a desert is served to me at luncheon anymore. I just say it’s my choice. I’m either going to eat it or I’m not and if I am, I’m going to enjoy it. |

More From Elizabeth

Exercise has been a problem for me… she’s helped me work on my schedule… so I workout a lot more now and I’m more consistent. |
They really work. They are wonderful techniques. |
It’s worth what you get. There’s no question about that. |