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I recently attended a program by Nancy Brehm Ph.D. which was very fortuitous for me. At the time I was at a difficult crossroad in my life and decided to call her for an individual appointment. I’m so glad I did. She helped me through this tough period in a way that close friends and family could not. If I had not sought her wise and intuitive direction, I doubt that this challenging time of my life would have ended on such a positive note. It could have gone very differently and been much more problematic. I’m truly thankful to her for the calm guidance she gave me. And—I lost eight pounds in the last month we were meeting together while I was working through these other things. What a bonus!Thank you Nancy. EW

Dr. Brehm has shown me that food is not my enemy. She has helped me to realize that worrying about every little morsel of food that I eat is unhealthy and detrimental to my weight loss efforts. Additionally, she has helped to realize the importance of savoring food and enjoying it. I don’t eat in the car anymore or in front of the TV. Dr. Brehm has also taught me that stress is more of an enemy than anything else. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Brehm to anyone who wants to lose weight and/or reduce stress in their life! MM

Dear Nancy:
Your person and your professional success is a welcome addition to New Orleans. AR

To Dr. Nancy:
To Honor you – To Celebrate You…. And to Congratulate You on all that you have done. AB


Comments from the Classes:

I attended the third seminar on 'Mindfulness'. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Nancy's unique approach to a truly personal subject. Her seminar was both engaging and interactive. I went in not knowing what to expect and left thankful that I had taken the time to attend." RR

Having the opportunity to attend your seminar "Body As Garden " was truly an enlightening experience. Too often in life, we ignore the greatest gifts we have been given. In the last month you helped all attending to become more aware of their personal strengths and the importance of eating properly through the unique blending of Eastern and French philosophies. Your crucial message is presented in a light, humorous manner that leaves the audience motivated and feeling good about themselves. Good luck to you and I look forward to participating in future programs. LA

Other Comments from Evaluations of Classes!

I really enjoyed all the different topics we covered. The presenter was excellent.

What I found most useful was learning how to relax and rid my body of stress. The presenter was excellent.

I liked the relaxing mannerisms the presenter expressed to us through her talking.

The presenter was very informative, happy, well-trained, and calming.

The presenter was great!