The ability of the mind to influence the body has been well documented for thousands of years. Taoists lived in good health for well over a hundred years, maintaining a youthful appearance and vitality. In recent years visualization and relaxation have been very powerful aids in achieving optimum health and youthful appearances.

In the initial free consultation the client describes his or her history of the relationship of food to the comfort of their bodies and weight. Before the second session, she or he is asked to fill out a portrait of her life at the present moment. Dr. Brehm and the client discuss what areas may be affecting the balance of the body – stress at work, relationships, finances, etc. The client sets goals that are realistic to reach in three months, six months, and a year.

The heart of the program is teaching the client to use visualization and acupressure points to create a energetically balanced body. These techniques are the cornerstones in the journey towards health and harmony. The program is creative, fun, and motivates the client to reach his or her set goals.