Our bodies are the essence of our being.

By ignoring the knowledge that we absorb from the outside world, our bodies can be thrown completely out of balance. Body as Garden seeks to familiarize us with our inner being by allowing us to recognize and appreciate the body’s needs. Chinese medicine sees health as the body’s ability to adapt in such as that it maintains the balance of its three energies: qi (essence), jing (vitality), and shen (spirit). The balance of these energies promotes a feeling of well-being.

A luxurious garden serves as the metaphor of our physical, psychological, and spiritual beings. The loss of sunlight and water or overgrowth of weeds strangles the magnificent feeling of nature. The mistreatment of our energies creates havoc in our bodies, resulting in craving for food or alcohol, feelings of contempt for our bodies, lethargy, and exhaustion. When the body’s miniature garden is in drought or neglect, our inner being becomes starved for the joyful balance.

Body as Garden is a blending of Eastern and French philosophies about joyful eating. Each philosophy has a love and reverence for nature and its exquisite treasure of harvest. The program interweaves these philosophies into an experience of awareness and joy, which promotes the interaction of nourishment and body.