About Dr. Brehm

Nancy Brehm is a licensed psychologist, who has been involved in healing for many years. As ardent believer in the mind’s ability to influence the body, particularly through relaxation and visualization, Dr. Brehm believes that blocks of energy in the body not only deter us from healing our physical bodies, but also from allowing us to reach our peak potential.

Brehm has served as a faculty member of the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England East, and as a clinical fellow of Psychology in the department of Psychiatry at Harvard University. Dr. Brehm is currently on the faculty of the Tampa Bay Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies in Tampa,Florida. In addition, while co-director of the Parisian Kitchen, a French cooking school, Brehm’s original class in Skinny Gourmet was featured in Bon Appetit Magazine.

Brehm’s expertise in psychology and French culture and cuisine, combined with her study of Ancient Eastern philosophy, has born an innovative approach to weight loss and bodily health and balance – the philosophy of Body as Garden.