What is Body as Garden?
Body as Garden is an innovative weight loss program, which uses French and Eastern techniques.

Why use French techniques?
Only seven percent of the French are overweight, as compared with eighty percent of Americans over the age of twenty-four (statistic of 2002). The French have a passion for pleasurable eating, that allows a joyful relationship between food and body. Body as Garden emphasizes the pleasures of eating healthy food that has been prepared with much thought and caring. Clients are taught the rules of French eating that include savoring every morsel, eating small portions, and enjoying a slow, relaxed pace of eating.

Why use Eastern techniques?
Eastern techniques emphasize mindfulness, which teaches a client to be in the present moment, not in a stressful future time, or an unhappy past event. Stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain. The Eastern approach emphasizes stress-free living, introducing exercises that include relaxation, visualization, and finding quiet moments in today’s frenzied world.

What Else?
Body as Garden also provides clinical services in the nature of psychological and world rehabilitation therapies for the treatment of weight loss. Dr. Brehm helps to explore the client’s fears about eating, which is based on the current extremes about what one can eat and what is forbidden.

Helpful Questions for Potential Clients:
Are you having particular cravings such as sweets and salty foods?
Do you eat in front of the television, in your car, or at the dining room table?
Do you allow time for a leisurely meal or do you eat on the run?
What are the eating patterns of those around you?
Were you nurtured with sweets?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, your yes suggests that Body as Garden is your answer.
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